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My Spotify Strategy

My Spotify Strategy

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My music marketing guide for Independent Artists. 

This is exactly how I market every song I release. A click-by-click guide, broken down for artists that may have never released a song before. I show you how I distribute my music and how I set up professional social media advertisements. Then how I track and understand my data and use a quality over quantity technique that has triggered the Spotify algorithm, every release so far, without fail. As long as people react well to your music, you can do this on a small budget and trigger this algorithm that has not only brought me over 2 million streams. It's brought major label interest, international bookings and a lot of fans that message me every day asking me to come and perform in their city. 

In my opinion this is literally the best way to grow as an independent artist in 2024. 

Ads That Trigger Algorithms.

Aaron Glitch - My Spotify Strategy.pdf (52 Pages)

Anyone that purchases this will receive all future updates for free. You can also email me simple enquiries on or message me on my instagram @aaron.glitch  

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